How to register to eSRN

First be sure that you belong to a community or project that is member of the eSRN. The list is available on this page. Ask the administrator of the community/project if a specific key is required.

1) Download and Install eSRN






Download and install the application from the application page. 

2) Start the eSRN application

sign up








1. Type the email address that you will register with
2. Click on the “REGISTER” button
The email address must not be in use by another SRN account. Some communities require that you use your institutional email address to let you subscribe to them.

3) Validate your email address

validateEmailCheck your emails. You should have received an email from eSRN. In this email you will find a key that is required to continue the registration process.
Copy and paste the key from the email into the field (see the image above) and click on the “NEXT” button.



4) Select your community(ies)

1. Select your community from the list on the left.
2. Click on the right arrow between the two lists. Type the community key in the dialog if required.
3. Click on the “OK” button.




You must have selected at least one valid community to complete the registration process.






5) Fill the user form

Type your first name, last name, and a password into the form. Don’t forget to confirm the password.
Then click on the OK button.
Congratulation! You are a eSRN user!