eZuce SRN application must be installed on your computer to access the SRN service and any meeting booked in it.

To do so please follow the steps below :

1) Download the installer package

Download the package from this page.
The package that corresponds to your machine is automatically shown. If you want a different version click on the link at the bottom of page for a list of all operating systems.
You will only have to do this once. The updates are automatically manage by the application.

2) Start the installer

Double click on the downloaded installer to start the installation then follow the steps on the installer screen. SeeVogh will be installed on your computer. Any file with the “.cvo” extention will be associated with the SeeVogh application.

3) Start the SRN application

eZuce SRN - video conferencing research communities

Double click on the application shortcup that (may have) created on your desktop during the installation.
To start the application double click on the application short-cut you may have created during the installation process.
Start the application as you normally would on your computer such as the Start menu on Windows, the Launchpad on Macs or the Search button on Linux.
Note: If you accepted the default check box settings during installation, eZuce SRN will start immediately after installation without the need for the above procedure.

4) .SRN file

The links from the eZuce SRN web site or SRN emails with meeting details provide files with “.srn” extension.
These file types will automatically start the (pre-installed) SeeVoghRN application with the details to join a specificied meeting or to authenticate in specific way.

Remarks :

  • eZuce SRN application is signed and trusted on Mac OS and Windows.
  • eZuce SRN supports XP and newer versions of Windows, as well as, Mac OS version 10.6 or later and any Linux distribution.
  • For more details on the latest updates to SeeVoghRN please visit our changes log page.
  • The SeeVoghSTART application must be uninstalled from Mac OS where it has been installed.